Data Management

Data Management

The information age brings new opportunities, but also new demands and risks for companies.

Effective use of your knowledge is a decisive competitive advantage. The use of information and data technology in particular is of vital importance.

We give you support with respect to the choice, the design, the development and the utilization of appropriate, computer-assisted occupational systems for information and communication.

Our service spectrum:

  • Data management: processing, availability, archiving
  • Intranet concept and organization
  • Concept, planning and integration of EDP systems
  • Preparation of EDP request catalogues
  • Implementation of new EDP systems or conversion of your current system

In direct cooperation with you and/or with our marketing specialists we get your database "into shape" and support you with:

  • Data analyses, data adjustment
  • Interpretations of market, target-group and customer data
  • Data segmentation and pre-qualification on the basis of specified characteristics

Other services:

  • Training for users
  • Plans for the care of the systems
  • Drafting of software and user documentation